Paying tribute to one of the most iconic things to do skateboard tricks over, a video of nothing but fire hydrants. We had fun filming for this one!


    I took a 3 week road trip by myself back in May from Chattanooga to California. Along the way, I stopped in Dallas Texas and stayed with the Hampton brothers for a few days. I eventually made it to LA and met/skated with a lot of great people. I stayed on a extremely tight budget. When I came back home, I picked up a check from work that payed for my entire trip. This is some of the stuff I filmed on the trip!


    "Tennessee Lock Down"- I started the 2015 year with a cleared out hard drive. So my intentions was to start on several different kinds of projects, but I know that I'm very long overdue with a new video. This is a small portion of what happened this year, so I hope this will hold you over for what's to come for 2016! Click to watch!


    I will be throwing video parts from The Highest Point up online for the next month or two. Go watch them now by clicking here! You can still also buy the DVD for $5 too! Click here to buy your physical copy now!


    "Chattanoogie Trapped"- I was watching this, trying to get an idea for a title for it. Then I realized that there's no Nashville homies to be seen anywhere in it! Chattanooga has trapped a lot of us in for whatever the reasons might be. So I encourage you all to break free from your traps and explore, being free was the reason why most of us started skating, right? Go watch the Chattanoogie's have some fun around the city!


    "Change Progression"- Progression is one of the greatest feelings in life. There's nothing better than looking back from where you came from and see how far you have gone, but it's also so hard to come by. Hopefully everyone strives to do better in skateboarding or whatever you like to do, but most of all, gotta have fun with it too! I've seen a lot of things change in the past decade in my own eyes. I strive to help continue the change and the progression with dudes that want to do the same. Check out the new montage in the "New Beginnings" section of the video page!


    ADAPT: Once I moved back to Chattanooga and after finishing "The Highest Point," I pretty much had a clean slate to start working on the next project with. I wanted to try new things I haven't done before, film some new people in new creative ways. I started filming with Nate and Betts and things just fell in place. It was awesome filming their first part and to see them share it together, is pretty cool. They had to get used to skating new and old spots and trying to progress all at once. It was a privilege working on something with these two dudes. Place your eyes on fun & local Tennessee skateboarding! Go check out the photography page to see snapshot of a trick from their part!


    After finishing The Highest Point, I've been stuck in a slump trying to get everything back together as I moved from Nashville back to Chattanooga, my hometown. Then I noticed how much was different between the two cities, almost two completely different worlds. Even between the few miles of the two cities, I figured the only way we could connect the two, would by a common ground, skateboarding. Go watch the first montage since The Highest Point, start off with a clean slate, new cameras, new beginnings. More to come!


    I've been working on this project with Nate Vodzak and Austin Betts ever since I moved back home to Chattanooga, and the boys have put in work since. This is their first skate part for both of them & it's so sick to see them share it together! Head on over to get teased til it drops!


    After filming for The Highest Point, I've been busy organzing the hard drives for new up coming projects and I stumbled upon some footage I never used for the video. I thought I would have a little fun and share the good times I had in Nashville.So have fun watching it! More videos coming soon! I also posted 2 new photos on the photography page!


    Happy New Year to you guys! This is the first video this year, I've done a 2 person Night Cruiser before, but never a 3! It was hard to keep up and trying to get used to a new camera light! But the homies were hyped to go skate once The Highest Point got finished. Go peep Randy, Ferrall and Wil have fun while trying to stay low from the law! And later this week, there will be more info on how to buy "The Highest Point" and you'll see a full part from Randy and Wil and Ferrall representing in the friends part!


    Everybody has warm tricks they got to throw before going for their trick. It's pretty obvious what Tyler Simmons' trick is. Go watch Tyler do a trick that he's been known for in Chattanooga for years! And don't forget to be at the premiere where you'll see him put his trick down insane things! Chattanooga premiere. Nashville premiere.


    The night cruiser series is coming in pretty hot, it will especially once you watch Terence kill it! Sorry I procrastinated so long on this! Welcome to the cruiser family Terence Williams!


    Halloween is always a little crazy at Sixth Ave. This year was no different, with some weird paranormal going on that the video can only explain. Is Sixth Ave haunted?


    I love seeing the homies hype each other up, they see footage and say "dang I want some of that too!" This was Blake's case, he already had one strike with the cruiser, and saw Jake ripping it and said "it's worth the chance." Blake Moore goes cruising the streets in the pitch black. If you don't know the name, you're a dang fool!


    Okay...maybe I lied a little! It was getting overwhelming of how much Nashville footy I had, so cheers to good times since I've been here! It's insane how much stuff has changed but one thing that will stay the same is the fact that Nashville will have an amazing part in The Highest Point. Hopefully this was a good lie!


    It's interesting seeing how people approach their skating, whether they skate classic city spots, or they want to go into uncharted territory. Or when going cruising, doing ABDs is good enough or do they have to push themselves to their limit; or do they find new ways to skate an old spot or do they push the limit of doing a NBD. Cruising could mean a handful of different meanings to someone, and Jake Biggers can add one more definition to your list. Jake Biggers goes Night Cruising and puts the city to sleep! Better place your eyes on it!


    It's coming! After years of working, we are finally putting it to rest. Check out the final trailer for the upcoming film The Highest Point. More details about the exact date of the premiere once we get closer and find a place to book the showing!


    Did some spring cleaning on my computer, and getting ready for some heavy duty filming and editing here soon for the video! We are expecting to premiere it sometime after summer, once we get closer to that time period, we will have more details! But till then, here's a montage to keep you waiting over the time of this video. Older and new footage! Enjoy it, and expect even more hype here in the near future!


    I pulled out the photo camera and shot a rad photo of Nathaniel Covington and his hops! It's been a pretty long time since I've taken an actual photo. But go check it out, Nathaniel is on a roll!


    Nathaniel Covington goes night cruising in downtown Nashville, go watch! He's always a fun dude to watch!


    Sixth Avenue skatepark celebrated their 10th anniversary of supporting skateboarders in Nashville, celebrate and support them back!


    Matt Sharer took it upon himself to go shoot a night cruiser in downtown Nashville. Going up walls and going through the chuddiest ground around, still doesn't stop him when the sun goes down. Matt Sharer goes night cruising.


    There's nothing much to say except Mr. Bobby Newell has style for days. Bobby goes night cruising in downtown Nashville. Go check it out!


    Those that know Chris Long, knows he's simply not human. The new video supports that statement, even when the camera light goes out mid line, he'll still do ridiculous tricks. Chris shoots out a "Firing Line." Go check it!


    I'm starting a new "series" called "Night Cruisers" where I film one or 2 people downtown and film cool mess around stuff over the course of one night. I asked Scoggins if he was down to do the first one. Joe from I Am Skateboards tagged along with us and we had a lot of fun. It would be interesting to see who you want to see in future videos. Feel free to comment on the video for who you want to see in the next one (from Chattanooga or Nashville.)


    Halloweens at Sixth Avenue are always pretty crazy and dangerous. They have a tradition going where every year they blow up thousands of balloons to fill up the mini ramp. They spend a lot of time and energy in it for the skaters to hesh it out. It was pretty scary being in the middle of it all, but I got priceless shots out of it. Thank you Spitfire for sponsoring it this year! Have fun watching it!


    I know everybody has been wanting to see another Nashville montage. Things have been extremely slow, and I haven't filmed anybody here in over 2 months. So this will be the last Nashville montage you see from me (unless things randomly change), I will now be just a dude with a camera in Nashville, it's time to move on and move onto bigger and better things rather than waiting on my phone to light up for another 2 months. Good times with everybody that I've filmed with. Here is the montage hopefully you all enjoy it! The homies threw it down for sure! Support them because I believe all these dudes have put Nashville on the map! Hopefully I can continue to help out somehow while I'm here! Go watch the montage!!


    Go check out some new photos from a new hobby I kind of picked up. I'm super new to it, but expect to see more in the future!


    I had to make another video for a school project. I decided to do something new but something I've always wanted to do. It was a challenge because we only had 2 weeks to work on it, and timelapses can be very time consuming and very hard to be original when you can't travel around to shoot. This was also the first project I ever worked with a musician. My homie Nick Lutsko did a really good job with the time we had and rushing to help me out! Go check out the new video. I hope you all enjoy the short project!


    I know the video I'm working on should of been done a long time ago, but I'm not wanting to put just a part of my effort into it. If I'm going to make a video, it better be worth the time I spend on it. With that to the side, I'm still filming those even with enough footage for their part in my free time. I want to keep updating their footage as much as possible when they are the only ones free. Fletcher Renegar is of course one of them. I'm throwing him into the SPOTLIGHT! Go and check what we've been throwing together!


   I went through the archives to make this video that you can watch off the video page. It sure brought back a lot of memories and it's one of the gnarliest things I've seen/filmed. Just watch Tyler battling out with a huge handrail!


   I feel like we as people choose to see what we see, whether you're riding in the car, or you're walking on the sidewalk. As a skateboarder we get to see things so up close and personal. We see rough ground and take another way around it, besides just thinking its just another stretch of concrete. Or seeing sewer caps not as something a part of the road, but something to do tricks over. So that's where I got the name of this documentary called "Creating our streets." Go check it out on the video page!


   Make your way to the video page to check a new update from a good ole pal Gage Gum that took a risky 5 hour trip from Athens, Georgia to Nashville. We got some footage for the few days he was in town. There was room for a new update since I haven't filmed or seen him in over 2 years. Hopefully to see more of this kid in the near future!


   For those who follow local skateboarding, now you can follow my work and my daily life filming and editing. Make your way to the Contact page where you'll find a few links to stuff I post stuff daily and see what I work on!

     Welcome to the new beginning of my career! This is where I will be posting my skate montages, my portfolio pieces, and the photos I take. This is also a great way to contact me if you need help on a project and or need to ask me a question. This website was made to support my future, the people I film with, and cities I live in or go to. For the release of the new website, go check out the pages! You might find some new content. Share it around!